6 Ways to get More Clients for Your Business

Over the past 10 years technology has made everything from graphic design, creating websites, building apps, banking, communication, getting a ride, buying fast food, applying for jobs and much more a lot easier.

One of the few things which technology has not made easier is advertising your business. This is because the world relies on only a handful of social networks and search engines to advertise on. As a result these websites (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) are now over saturated and it is extremely hard to get your voice heard.

Even if you have money to spend on advertising, these platforms use an auction style pricing system so the cost of advertising on them keeps going up.

The world definitely needs more search engines and social network. I would even go as far as to say every country should have its own national search engine and social network in the same way every country has a national airline. Russia and China seem to be the only countries which have their own search engines and social networks and the rest of the world needs to catch up or watch their populations sink deeper into poverty.

Ok, now that we have that out the way let’s discuss 6 ways to get more clients for your business.

6. Get in the right business

Some businesses are more difficult to get clients for than others mainly because of fierce competition. For example, if you are in the graphic or website design, web hosting or domain registration industry you might have a difficult time getting new clients because there are hundreds of other people who offer these services. Today there are so many platforms which someone can use to easily register a domain, create a logo and host a website. According to ZACR (https://www.registry.net.za/accredited/) there are over 400 domain registrars in South Africa alone! This is not the best business to get into. If you are in a business which has a very low barrier to entry you might want to explore other ways to make money like creating a blog or forex trading.

5. Use email marketing

In order to make sales you need an efficient way to reach potential clients. I’ve found over the years that email marketing is the most efficient, affordable, measurable and scalable advertising platform which exists. One of the easiest ways to get started with email marketing is to create a small free product which you can give to people in exchange for their email address. When they are on your email list you can use and email marketing platform like Campaign Monitor to build relationships and hopefully generate some sales. You can see an example of this type of system being used effectively on digitalmarketer.com

4. Create a blog

Having a blog is probably the best marketing tool you can have for your business. Search engines love blogs which are always being updated with fresh and interesting new content. Almost anything which you search for on a search engine will take you to a blog for example if you search for “how to bake a chocolate cake” so will most likely land on a blog post.

Having a blog is like having your own little TV channel where you can make money by promoting your own products, promoting other people’s products (affiliate marketing) or by displaying adverts. When you have your blog up and running you can find a large list of affiliate products which you can promote and earn a commission by clicking here [https://affiliate.watch].

3. Create videos

People love to watch videos. You don’t even have to create them yourself. Simply go on fiverr.com and look for someone who will make videos for your business. You can then upload these videos on your website, blog, YouTube and other platforms.

2. Create an affiliate program

Another great way to get new clients is to create an affiliate program. An affiliate program is when you reward people who promote your products or services with a percentage of each sale which they refer to your business. You can use a platform like ShareASale to manage your affiliate program for you.

1. Advertise on Web9

Web9 is a search engine which helps you find information and advertise your business. When you advertise on Web9 your banner adverts will also be displayed on the Web9 Blog which gives more exposure to your business. The Web9 search engine is gaining popularity but is not over saturated (yet) so your business does not have to compete with millions of other businesses for attention.

Click here to see which companies are advertising on Web9.

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